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04 Jul 2018

CKAS begins development of revolutionary new very low cost driver training simulator specifically for small driving schools. The new MiniSim Driving Simulator will feature best in class graphics, controls feel and be priced at less than the cost of a small car.

12 May 2018

CKAS wins another contract to supply additional MotionSim1 Generic G1000 Flight trainers to Pearson Aviation. Pearson has received delivery of one unit at the new flight training academy in Mildura.

26 Feb 2018

CKAS wins contract to supply MotionSim1 Generic G1000 Flight trainer to Pearson Aviation. Pearson is developing a new flight training academy in Mildura and CKAS hopes this is the beginning of a long term partnership.

29 Nov 2017

CKAS completes full 7DOF  MotionSim5 flight simulator for Box Hill Institute in Melbourne Victoria and now prepares for final Factory Acceptance Test. CKAS expects delivery in mid December as planned.

11 Sep 2017

CKAS introduces new pricing across entire motion system range - huge price cuts to allow true professional motion technology to be integrated in even the most budget sensitive projects.

05 Aug 2017

 CKAS completes motion system stage of full 7DOF  MotionSim5 flight simulator for Box Hill Institute in Melbourne Victoria. Progress is continuing on schedule and CKAS expects delivery in early December.

 06 Jun 2017

CKAS wins a hotly contested tender to supply a large scale full 7DOF  MotionSim5 flight simulator to Box Hill Institute in Melbourne Victoria. The MS5 7DOF unit will feature all the latest UPRT, Loss of Control and Disorientation training technology.

15 May 2017

CKAS completes new heavyweight large scale motion system - the W50 capable of lifting 5000kg of payload. The first unit has been shipped to Warner Brothers for use in an upcoming hollywood blockbuster.

17 Mar 2017

CKAS commences work on heavy weight 5000kg 6DOF motion system - the W50 6DOF to be manufactured along with several other 6DOF units for Warner Brothers for use in an upcoming feature film.

03 Feb 2017

CKAS releases new SimCorDX software for the newer GenIII motion systems to allow support for very high level features, including real time actuator dignostics, and many more natively supported simulaton titles.

14 Dec 2016

CKAS delivers the first next generation Version 2 Jetpack Simulator to the worlds most prominent jetpack manufacturer based in New Zealand - new design, new software for serious Jetpack training.

03 Nov 2016

CKAS introduces new specialised VR size W2 6DOF Motion System, and World's first off the shelf WR 7DOF Systems for the highest fidelity

16 Oct 2016

CKAS finally releases much anticipated new MotionSim VR 6DOF Virtual Reality full motion racing and flight simulators. These are the premier driving simulators available anywhere in the world.

4 Jun 2016

CKAS now offering next gen low cost Virtual Reality full motion simulators to replicate racing cars, fighter jets and JetPacks. These are an affordable simulator for commercial entertainment venues or the exclusive home

29 Apr 2016

CKAS now offering 7DOF (6DOF + Continuous rotation) motion for several motion system categories. Starting with the W25R 7DOF created for true ground handling in aviation simulators for the first time and driving simulators alike

20 Feb 2016

 CKAS currently developing new next generation low cost full motion 6DOF Virtual Reality simulator to replicate racing cars, fighter jets and now JetPacks too. This will be an affordable simulator for commercial entertainment venues - coming soon.

13 Jan 2016

 CKAS delivers a large scale full motion CKAS MotionSim5 FNPT II MCC Flight Trainer to Poznan Aero, in Poznan Poland - The worlds first Cirrus Vision SF50 Simulator with incredible 7DOF (continuous rotation) motion

20 Sep 2015

CKAS delivers a large scale full motion CKAS MotionSim5 FNPT II MCC Flight Trainer to Poznan Technical University, in Poznan Poland. Another large MS5 is scheduled for delivery to Poland later this year.

01 Jul 2015

CKAS delivers more Jetpack simulators to the worlds most prominent jetpack manufacturer based in New Zealand, in the bid to move to full production for Jetpack Simulators

22 Feb 2015

CKAS delivers the first ever Jetpack simulator to the worlds most prominent jetpack manufacturer based in New Zealand. This simulator is the first of many units to be delivered to New Zealand with the next unit scheduled for late March.

23 Dec 2014

CKAS delivers MotionSim1 Truck Simulator to one of the worlds largest companies based in China - the Chinese National Petroleum Company (CNPC)

29 Oct 2014

CKAS has now introduced the exciting new MotionSim1 range of commercial truck and bus simulators. These simulators are absolutely essential for modern training of truck and bus drivers for schools and fleet operators.

04 Sep 2014

CKAS delivers first  MotionSim1 Flight Training Device to Moorabbin Flying Services - a major flying college based at Melbourne's Moorabbin Airport.

18 Aug 2014

CKAS has won another highly contested tender and been seleceted by worlds most prominent jetpack manufacturer based in New Zealand to be the exclusive provider of Jetpack simulators starting with delivery of the first two units in early 2015. The Jetpack will be the only commercially available jetpack worldwide, and will introduce a new category of aircraft to all aviation governing bodies.

12 Jun 2014

CKAS has now introduced the exciting new MotionSim1 range of commercial flight, truck/bus and car simulators. These simulators are the highest value and most affordable simulators available to industry, with incredible features.

09 May 2014

CKAS has won a highly contested tender and been seleceted by China's Largest State Owned Petroleum Company (CNPC) to provide a high fidelity 6DOF full motion truck driving simulator as an initial unit, with many more to follow.

24 Mar 2014

CKAS has been selected as the winning bid on a highly contested public tender to supply an advanced full size MotionSim5 flight simulator to Poznan Technical University in Poland

07 Feb 2014

 CKAS has been seleceted by another prestigious flight training academy in Moorabbin Airport to deliver another large scale MotionSim5 Type Specific full motion Simulator.

02 Nov 2013

 CKAS delivers another F1 6DOF Motion Simulator to "Motionators" in Docklands Melbourne. Motionators is using cutting edge CKAS equipment to provide a most realistic racing experience.

15 Oct 2013

 CKAS delivers Australia's most advanced driving simulator, the CKAS 6DOF Full Driving Simulator (FDS), to Western Australia Driver Development (WADD) in Perth making the national news (click here

19 Aug 2013

 CKAS delivers another two units F1 6DOF Motion Simulators to a new venture "Motionators" in Docklands Melbourne. Motionators is now waiting for the delivery of their third unit due in October

14 Jun 2013

 CKAS has delivered Australia's most advanced flight training device for General Aviation, a full motion 6DOF MotionSim5 with 200° visual system and full control loading to Avia Aircraft at Moorabbin Airport, Melbourne

28 May 2013

CKAS now ramping up production of the incredible F1 6DOF Motion Simulator to cater for worldwide demand. The F1 Motion Simulator from CKAS is truly an experience which must be experienced to be understood

12 Mar 2013

CKAS has been commissioned to supply 2 large scale CKAS 6DOF Formula 1 racing simulators with complete 180° wrap around visuals which will offer theme park quality entertainment to a Melbourne based client.

15 Feb 2013

CKAS is at home in our new larger facility. Our new facility will allow us to ramp up production of our incredible fast selling low cost 6DOF motion system - the W3s

30 Nov 2012

 CKAS Head Office has moved to our new facility which is over 6 times larger than our previous final assembly factory, to keep up with current and projected demand. See our new location in the Contact Us section.

12 Oct 2012

 CKAS has won a highly contested contract to supply Australia's most sophisticated full motion 360° visual driver training simulator to one of Australia's leading driver training organisations in Western Australia.

20 Sep 2012

CKAS has won another highly contested contract to supply a full 6DOF MotionSim Series simulator to a prestigious company in Melbourne's Moorabbin airport.

15 Aug 2012

CKAS ramps up production of the world's most affordable figh fidelity 6 degree of freedom (6DOF) motion system - the CKAS W3s

5 Jul 2012

CKAS has won a highly contested contract to supply a full 6DOF MotionSim Series Piper Seminole (PA-44) simulator to Singapore's STAA, one of the world's leaders in aviation training. Companies like ST Aero are seeing incredible value in the high fidelity simulation offered by the CKAS MotionSim Series.

25 Jun 2012

CKAS has won the prestigious Pace Zenith Awards "Machine Builder" category and was the Highly Commended runner up in the Endeavour Awards "Australian Industrial Product of the Year" for 2012, with its full motion 6DOF "Cranky" Wharf Crane Simulator

5 Jun 2012

CKAS has now introduced the best compromise small scale personal 3 degree of freedom (3DOF) Motion Platform - the U2s, to complete the offering of 2DOF, 3DOF and 6DOF small scale low cost motion platforms.

11 May 2012

CKAS has introduced the world's first small scale personal 6 degree of freedom (6DOF) Motion Platform or Motion System - the W3s, specifically directed at very low cost small scale high fidelity motion simulator applications

4 May 2012

All CKAS motion systems and simulation platforms now fully support iRacing driving simulation software. iRacing is considered by many enthusiasts to be the most accurate racing simulation software available to consumers

28 March 2012

CKAS has signed a contract to deliver multiple 6DOF motion system units to Singapore's prestigious SG Flight Simulations. SGFS is the premier provider of jetliner flight experience in the Asian region, and will now be the first electric full motion flight experience provider in the region

27 January 2012

All CKAS motion systems and simulation platforms now fully support the exciting new rFactor 2 driving simulation software from ISI. rFactor 2 is the long awaited sequel to the now legendary rFactor racing simulator.

16 January 2012

CKAS have finished Australia's first ever Full Motion Wharf/Dock/Gantry crane simulator to be delivered and installed to DP World in Brisbane! This simulator can simulate several different cranes, and will allow the operator to take the lead in safety training

30September 2011

CKAS announces the introduction of the most exciting product range to date - our full range of Simulation Platforms - the ultimate products for all simulator builders worldwide, allowing them to easily construct a Motion Simulator!

11September 2011

CKAS is thrilled to announce the appointment of our new distributor in the Philippines region. Our new partnership in the Philippines with the Royal Christian College of Mandaue will allow us to better serve and provide the region with excellent support of our products!

01 July 2011

CKAS has recently installed a high fidelity MotionSim3 full motion flight trainer at Bankstown Airport, Sydney. This unit is operated by Global Wings Aviation a provider of high quality advanced training in multi engine full motion simulators!

02 June 2011

CKAS DSS-100 Diving Supervisor Simulator has won the prestigous IMS Global Learning Consortium "Learning Impact Award" - First Prize (Platinum). The Learning Impact Awards are designed to recognize the most impactful use of technology worldwide in support of learning.

16 May 2011

CKAS will showcase the incredible Formula 1 6DOF Motion Simulator at the National Manufacturing Week Trade show - come and see a true "Theme Park" quality ride at the show, and have a drive for charity. We will be easy to find,just look for the very large crowd!

15 March 2011

CKAS has been awarded a finalist for the Australian National Endeavour Engineering Awards for Products of the Year with two separate entries!! The CKAS MotionSim Series Flight Training Devices (FTD) and the World First DSS-100 Diving Supervisor Simulator have BOTH been selected!

07 February 2011

CKAS will showcase the new MotionSim Series of Full Motion Synthetic Flight Trainers (SFT) and Flight Training Devices (FTD) at the Australian Avalon Air Show 2011 from March 1 - 6 in Hall B 2C7. These units are a true revolution in flight training and have to be seen to be believed.

19 November 2010

CKAS launches the WORLD'S FIRST Diving Supervisor Simulator System - the DSS-100, further strengthening CKAS' position in the industrial simulation world as the pioneer of simulators for unique applications previously not simulated.

12 September 2010

New Simworld (www.simworld.com.au) V8 Super Coupe Simulation Centre successfully opened in Westfield Carousel Shopping centre, WA, utilising CKAS Race simulation equipment.

22 June 2010

CKAS delivers 9 more motion platforms for yet another Simworld (www.simworld.com.au) V8 Super Coupe Simulation Centre to be opened September 2010 in Westfield Carousel Shopping centre, Western Australia . 

12 June 2010

CKAS has announced some of the most sophisticated Full Motion Flight Training Devices ever. The CKAS MotionSim3, MotionSim5 and MotionSim6 range of products will revolutionise the flight training industry by providing an incredible cost effective training tool. more ⇒

01 June 2010

CKAS has perfected the most robust and sophisticated control loading units available on the market for flight training. These units, including the YokeLDR and PedalLDR are built around high precision servomotor technology, and are used in the new MotionSim range, or sold as separate units.

29 Mar 2010

NASA specialised motion systems as supplied by CKAS Mechatronics now successfully installed in Houston, New York and Moscow. Cabins also nearing completion and Astronaut trials expected to be underway before June 2010.

15 Mar 2010

CKAS on target to complete major Australian Government Project with ADAS. Hardware stage of Diving Supervisor Industrial Simulator completed with excellent client feedback. First turn on trials in coming weeks

7 Dec 2009

CKAS completes an order for 3 specialised motion systems for delivery to NASA in the US, to be used for Astronaut assessment upon return from missions in the International Space Station (ISS). This kind of application further cements CKAS as a market leader in the Motion System industry.

2 Oct 2009

CKAS produces the first units of the most exciting new product to hit the simulation market – an OEM style turn-key “empty” simulator cabin kit with motion system. This kit contains a full 6DOF motion system and matched light twin style cabin (generic) and visual system, designed to be the cornerstone of ANY motion simulator. This kit allows our clients to complete a full motion simulator with minimal effort.

30 Sept 2009

CKAS has been awarded a major contract to build deep sea diving control station simulator for ADAS and the Australian Government. CKAS’ unique skill set and professionalism has ensured that we were the clear favourites, to develop this cutting edge equipment, in a project which will last approximately 9 months.

25 Sept 2009

CKAS launches new exciting website, with new content and some exciting new products to showcase, such as the incredible 6DOF F1 Motion Simulator!