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MiniSim Car Simulators

Car Simulators for Learner Driver Training

CKAS has perfected a robust and versatile Car / Domestic Vehicle driver training simulator for small to medium size driving schools or colleges. The CKAS MiniSim Car Simulators are offered as no-motion, 2DOF motion, 3DOF motion or 6DOF full motion simulators at the price of a small vehicle. These units are designed with the main focus on learner drivers who are just starting driver training. The MiniSim simulators come with outstanding realistic graphics, "true-to-life" steering wheel, real switches, realistic dashboard and automatic or manual transmissions.

The CKAS MiniSim Car Simulators are designed to be used as a real vehicle by instructors, focusing on teaching road rules, driving techniques, and general road behaviour in a safe, accessible and controllable environment. The MiniSim behaves just like a real vehicle in all the most important aspects - steering, response, behaviour and environment - so that the instructor can teach important lessons exactly as if they were in the real vehicle, but using no fuel and saving on real vehicle wear.

Below is an example of a CKAS 2DOF MiniSim Car Simulator unit configured as an automatic Right-Hand-Drive (RHD) vehicle (shown in grey - no longer available - now only in black).



Below is an example of a CKAS 6DOF Long Stroke (LS) MiniSim Car Simulator unit configured as a manual Left-Hand-Drive (LHD) vehicle.


The MiniSim Car Simulator units come in Left-Hand-Drive (LHD) or Right-Hand-Drive (RHD), and include all the necessary controls required of a simulation device for learner drivers. These devices are designed to replace the use of a real vehicle in the initial phase of new learner driver training.

The MiniSim Car Simulator units are designed and built in an extremely compact framework, which allows them to be installed into the tightest of spaces, including mobile applications such as specialised trailers or on trucks for mobile training centres. The power requirements are typical domestic/office power, with no special requirements.

The layout is designed to ensure that all important aspects of driving such as viewport, horizon, mirrors, instrument cluster and seating are exactly configured as a real vehicle. This is done to promote high positive learning and correct muscle memory in learner drivers. This ensures that the transition from simulator to real vehicle is seamless and all the skills and habits picked up in the MiniSim Car Simulator are relevant to the real car.

Visual System

All MiniSim Car Simulator units are supplied with a 170° wrap around 3 x Full HD visual system which creates an immersive visual field. The visual scene features extremely realistic fluid graphics and lighting effects to create unmatched realism. The content of the scene includes typical cityscapes, streetscapes, highways, rural areas, off road, and can all be adapted to any location around the world if required, including signage and road rules.

Motion or No-Motion

All our MiniSim Car Simulator units can be delivered with any level of motion, from no motion all the way to full 6DOF motion. Typically, the best "sweet spot" for a machine of this level is the proven CKAS 2DOF motion - the zero maintenance, well proven, low cost and ultra reliable CKAS T2s motion system. This motion system produces a smooth high fidelity response to give the important cues when performing learner driver training. Of course, the CKAS MiniSim Car Simulators can be optionally delivered in 3DOF, or for the highest fidelity, true 6 degree of freedom (6DOF) motion - an unparalleled achievement for this category of device. CKAS now also provides this unit as a 6DOF "Long Stroke" (LS) version for a full no-compromise 6DOF solution (pictured above).


All CKAS MiniSim Car Simulators are supplied with "true-to-life" high force feedback on a genuine full size car steering wheel, so that the steering sensations and forces are exactly like those in a car. The feel of the steering wheel can only be described as "identical to the real thing", offering exact amounts of force, vibration, rumbles and other high force events, at just the right time, as in the car. The learner driver can instantly apply what they learn to the real vehicle, and develop useful muscle memory, for navigating real roads.

Further to this, the MiniSim Car Simulators also come equipped with genuine real vehicle indicator / wiper / lights combination switch. There is a genuine "keyless" engine starter switch and a genuine electric park brake switch. Additionally, there are realistic foot pedals including a true "pressure" sensing brake pedal, and optionally an interchangeable manual or automatic gear selector with clutch pedal.

There is no keyboard, no mouse, no computer controls to consume instructor's valuable time trying to make selections and set up the simulator. The entire simulator is operated simply from a single 4 way joystick, which is configured to select any scenario, setting or driving condition required quickly, intuitively and efficiently. 

These extensive features are all geared towards a highly realistic driving and instructing experience - a far cry from other simulators in this price category which provide only home gaming level controls and fiddly interfaces.

Cabin Configuration

The instrument cluster of the CKAS MiniSim Car Simulators is based on a generic car type with instrumentation typically found in a modern car. The instruments and indicators depicted on the dashboard behave as the real indications do, supporting a positive training outcome, and allowing trainers to teach students the correct methods for starting, operating and diagnosing basic conditions in the vehicle.

The use of an LCD to render instruments is done to ensure very high reliability and longevity of the simulator, since there are no mechanical moving components like a traditional instrument cluster. This is in line with all leading vehicle manufacturers moving to LCD instrument clusters.

The typical mirrors of a vehicle cabin are provided, including side and rear view mirrors, making it is possible to comprehensively train a learner student how to perform even complex manoeuvres such as parallel parking.


The CKAS MiniSim Car Simulator is supplied with an enormous map (over 150km / 90mi of drivable distance) with endless different situations and scenarios throughout the map which a student can experience. The map includes essentially all types of typical roads, road signs, traffic behaviour, pedestrian and cyclist behaviour.

The instructor can easily and quickly choose which location on the map the training should be carried out at, in order to have the learner driver experience a particular situation. Additionally, the instructor can instantly adjust the environment, time of day and weather through the same easy menu.

No complex menus for an instructor or student to traverse, no confusing scenario builder software with fiddly adjustments and options, just select a known location on the map and drive like in a real car.


The CKAS MiniSim Car Simulator units have been specifically designed as versatile training tools for small to medium sized training organisations. CKAS understands the very limited budgets and margins of many smaller schools. These units are extremely affordable, costing about the same as a small compact vehicle, making them the best value solution on the market.

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